Maritime Guardian Pro (MGPro)

This mobile app will provide improvements upon existing maritime application in terms of designs and functionality. In addition to functionality, it will include additional maritime alerts, navigational layers which includes:

  •  Anti-Shipping Activity Messages
  • Digital Nautical Charts
  • Electronic Navigational Charts
  • Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit
  • World Port Index
  • Broadcast Warnings
  • Report Submissions
  • Discrepancy Report
  • Radio Navigational Aids

This newly developed application by the name of Maritime GuardianPro (MGPro) is available for Android and iOS Phones, and iPads; with the ability to load, update, and synchronize data through an online network connection and retain data on device while on offline mode. This app will work only in portrait mode.


The Maritime GuardianPro app assists marine travelers, crews and ships by   plotting the geographic location of disruptive and hostile acts on the sea such   as piracy, robbery, hi-jacking and kidnapping.

  • Run both online and offline mode. Portrait Orientation.
  • Ability to carry unlimited data with accuracy in various formats.
  • Ability to receive and view:
    • Anti-Shipping Activity Messages (ASAM) notifications (e.g., piracy).
    • Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU).
    • Worldwide Navigation Warning System (WWNWS) Broadcast Warnings – a broad category of warnings in a specific location (point or area).
  • Ability to self-report an incident for following: (email will be sent to the Maritime Safety Office for review).
    • Anti-Shipping Activity Messages (ASAM).
    • Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU).
    • General Information Report(GIR).
  • Ability to search/filter the all data.
  • Ability to search incident using ASAM query.
  • Ability to view all data layers through map and list.
  • Ability to view Digital Nautical Charts (DNC’s) and Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC’s) in the form of map.
  • Ability to see Radio Navigational Aids and World Port Index and MODU.
  • Ability to change settings such as:
    • Notify me (Set the distance).
    • Synchronization of data.

This application will work on both online and offline mode. User must install application to read the data. No additional permission will be required to access all data within this mobile app. Only it will ask for Location and Notifications permissions. User will need to agree to the imbedded disclaimer before accessing this mobile app.

  • The application is available to the general public on iOS and Android.
  • The app provides Situational Awareness, Data Visualization, Data Collection, Data Capture
  • The app supports CSV files, Images, Keyhole Markup Language files.
  • The app backend supports phone memory for local storage, Google Maps and .pdfkitten.

How to Use

Users with the app can click on the How to Use option from Menu screen to navigate screen shots describing how to use the app. Sketches of all major sections of the MGPro will be displayed in this section by swiping right to left.
The following screenshots demonstrate how to use the application.


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